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Welcome Break - Track and Trace

Please enter your details here to support the Government's effort of Track and Trace.

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Assisting the NHS’s “Test and Trace” initiative

What is the Purpose? This visitor information is being collected by Welcome Break to assist the Governmant's efforts to track infected individuals or those who may have come into contact with such individuals. The information you provide will be used strictly for these purposes only. Welcome Break will not use this data ourselves.

What Data are we collecting?  We will only collect your name, phone number and date / time of visit. Only the lead member of a family / social bubble needs to insert their details. 

Will you share my data?  This data will only be shared with those Government bodies that are responsible for contact tracing and then only if they specifically ask us for it.  We will not share or transfer this data to anyone else. 

When will my data be deleted? Your data will be deleted 28 days after your visit.

Will my data be safe? Please be assured that our systems will keep your personal data safe and secure. 

What is the lawful basis for processing?  The lawful basis for us processing this data is “legal obligation”.  

How can I contact you? If you want to contact Welcome Break about your data, you can do that by email at [email protected] or by post to Welcome Break Group Limited, 2 Vantage Court, Tickford Street, Newport Pagnell, MK16 9EZ.